Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Debt Solutions offered by Ashley Park

Discover the different debt solutions offered by Ashley Park

Ashley Park Debt Solutions offer a range of financial services to help you with your finances, below we explain a little more about these services..
1. Debt Management Plans
Debt management plans, or DMPs as they can be referred to, are informal arrangements between you and your creditors. If you enter into a DMP with Ashley Park we will aim to freeze interest rates and charges, and lower your monthly repayments to level that you're more comfortable with, we do all this without the need for further credit. Find out more >>

2. IVA
Individual Voluntary Arrangements, or IVAs as they are more often known as, are formal alternatives to debt management plans. Once you've signed up to an IVA interest and charges that you are incurring should stop and the plan will last for around 5 years. When the IVA comes to an end any money that you still owe is wiped clear and you are deemed debt free. Find out more >>
3. Consolidation Loan
A debt consolidation loan is a form of borrowing that is used to repay all of your existing debts. This means that you will only have one repayment to make, making it much easier to manage your finances. By taking out a consolidation loan you will also stop those annoying calls from existing creditors, all you will need to focus on is making a single payment each month. Find out more >>
4. Trust Deed
Trust Deeds are only available to people living in Scotland and they are a viable alternative to Bankruptcy or Sequestration. The Trust Deed is a legally binding agreement which allows you to reduce your debts and existing payments with creditors through the use of a third party, known as a trustee. Find out more >>
Are you struggling with your finances and considering other alternatives such as bankruptcy and Debt Relief Orders? We can still help and offer you advice.
For help with any debt, no matter how large or small contact Ashley Park Debt Solutions today on 0800 043 3535 or apply online now.

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  1. I recently am dealing with bankruptcy and I am needing some help. I am having the hardest time with this and I do not know what to do or how to deal with it. If you can help me out it would be really nice.