Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas Dinner on a Budget

According to the annual Christmas survey from Good Housekeeping you can treat your family to a fantastic festive dinner this year for as little as £21.85 for a family of eight, which works out at just £2.73 per person! Here at Ashley Park Financial Solutions, we think that’s an absolute bargain, so we thought we’d share where and how to shop to get the best Christmas deal this year.

The full Christmas dinner, according to Good Housekeeping, includes turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, sprouts, carrots, potatoes, mince pies and brandy butter. For the best one-stop shop, bargain hunters are best to head for Lidl, where you can get everything for £27.33. Morrisons offers it all for £30.54, with Aldi coming a close third at £31.30. Tesco, who have struggled to compete with budget supermarkets this year came in fifth at £34.03, after Asda at £33.12.

Surprisingly Iceland, usually included in the list of budget shops has a slightly more expensive Christmas dinner priced at £35.75, though it’s still far cheaper than Marks & Spencer and Waitrose, who top the bill at £51.29 and £53.15 respectively.

Anyone aiming for that awesome price of £21.85 will need to shop around though, heading to a number of different supermarkets to pick up the components separately. For more information, click here.

Bear in mind though, if you’re going for a budget bird, you should be careful. Sometimes during the cooking process the meat can “shrink”, which means you’ll actually get more meat for your money with a better quality, slightly more expensive bird. You could also think about making your own mince pies. There are some fantastic recipes available online, and a bit of Christmas baking is bound to get you in the festive spirit! Similarly, you might like to try whipping up a Christmas cake. You could even get the kids in to help you decorate. Check the cupboards to see if you have any leftover dried fruit, nuts and marzipan before you start and save even more!

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