Friday, 14 February 2014

Ashley Park Financial Solutions on Swap Parties

In the current climate, keeping fashion fresh can be costly. But never fear! These days it’s perfectly acceptable to hold what’s known as a Swap Party. Swap Parties are a great way to mix and mingle with friends and loved ones, and acquire a few new numbers for your wardrobe. Ashley Park Financial Solutions are here with the lowdown on how to host your own!

Decide on a date
Make sure you start planning well in advance. If you don’t let people know in good time, you might end up on your lonesome, surrounded by bags of your own clothes! It’s a good idea to create a Facebook event, especially if you’re going to invite a lot of people. They will be automatically reminded of it as the time draws nearer, and you can keep all the details in one place. This is an especially good idea if you’re inviting lots of people from different friendship groups – they have the opportunity to converse with one another on the group page and maybe even swap fashion tips!

Who to Invite
Get a good mix of people with fairly similar fashion tastes so no one is going to go home empty handed. And bear in mind that people come in all different shapes and sizes! If you invite a shorter person to a party made up entirely of taller people, they probably won’t feel great and vice versa.

Make value tickets
While the main purpose of the event is to swap clothing, you may not want to part with something that was once very expensive, in exchange for a cheaper item. Make value stickers with rough estimates of how much the item is worth and suggest that your guests do the same thing.

Designate value spots
There should be three types: inexpensive; mid-price and expensive. You can sort your garments into these categories and ask your guests to do the same before they arrive.

Arrange the room
Obviously you don’t have to turn your living room into a stylish boutique, but it’s fun to create an atmosphere. If you can get your hands on some clothing racks that would really help to organise the clothes. You can also utilise coffee tables as folding spaces for trousers and bulky sweaters.

Remind your guests to bring along some carrier or tote bags for taking their items home – this will save you from having to rush around finding a bag for everyone at the end of the party!

You might want to prepare for snacks for everyone to enjoy, but obviously the aim of the game is to save money, so don’t go too overboard. You can advise people to eat before they come. Snacks to start are a great way to mix and mingle though, so if you’re inviting lots of people who don’t know one another it’s usually a good plan to offer something.

Make Suggestions
As host, you can pick out items and suggest them to your guests. This will help to get things started if people are a little shy to get going!

At the end

When everyone is swapped out and has headed home, you’re left with your pick of the spoils. You may already have acquired a ton of great new clothes, but there’s nothing to stop you from picking out something else – this could be the perfect time to try a new style! After that you can head the leftover items to a local charity shop and be satisfied that you’ve done a good deed. 

So there you have it! Remember, if you throw a great swap party, you're bound to be invited to others - make it an annual event and you could make some huge yearly savings on your clothing budget! 

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